Interview with
Charles Wuorinen

sponsored by
New Music Concerts

Charles Wuorinen’s classic Percussion Symphony is scored for 24 players including 2 pianos and a celesta and is understandably rarely performed for that reason alone. Rick Sacks has successfully lobbied NMC to mount a production of the 45 minute work and will prepare the ensemble in advance of Wuorinen’s arrival to conduct the final rehearsals and the concert itself. In contrast to this massive ensemble, the concert will begin with the world premiere of Eric Morin’s In Praise of Folly commissioned by accordionist Joseph Petric and the Penderecki String Quartet. In a rare opportunity for a quick second performance, Robert Aitken and Simon Fryer will reprise a new work by Chris Paul Harman which they will have premiered four days earlier for the Women’s Musical Club of Toronto.